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Hope Renewed Podcast

Hope Renewed Podcast with Tom Jameson and Sean Nemecek. Presented by PIR Ministries. Helping you find new hope when ministry leaves you hopeless.

Sean Nemecek and Tom Jameson co-host a podcast for pastors called Hope Renewed. Our guests deeply care for pastors, their families, and the local church. Drawing from their experience and wisdom each episode speaks to the core issues facing ministry leaders. Each episode ends with words of hope directly from our guest. Presented by Pastor-in-Residence Ministries, we want this podcast to introduce you to the ministry and resources PIR provides.

Join top authors, the PIR Ministries Staff, and regular pastors as they offer their insights. We’ve interviewed authors like Tod Bolsinger, Steve Cuss, Brian Croft, Glenn Packiam, Jimmy Dodd, Winn Collier, Chuck DeGroat, Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, Alan Fadling, and more.

We cover topics for pastors in rural and urban contexts, in small our large churches, and from a variety of denominations and theological perspectives.

Every pastor will find some help through Hope Renewed.

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