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Sean Nemecek is a Regional Director for PIR Ministries. We partner with God and the Church in the work of pastoral renewal and restoration, to cultivate new hope for healthy ministry lives.
To that end we:
• Build relationships with pastors and churches to promote a culture of ministry health.
• Offer a process of restoration when a pastoral family has experienced a forced termination of their ministry.
• Provide proven resources and tools that assist pastors in the challenges they face in ministry life.

Practical Resources for Ministry Health, Resilience & Restoration

Pastoring Pastors

Listening, supporting, and encouraging are the hallmarks of the relationships we seek to build with pastors. Our shared hope in the Gospel is the foundation on which we build.

Pastor-in-Residence (“PIR”) Program

The Pastor-in-Residence program is specifically designed for pastors and/or ministry leaders in transition. This restorative process provides a safe environment and a proven process where the pastor – and family – can work through the loss associated with an exit from ministry.

Refuge Churches are the “safe haven” where the PIR program takes place. It is a local church characterized by grace, a vision for restoration, and a willingness to serve God’s servants. Members within the congregation, trained by PIR staff, form the support structure for the program.


• The PRO-D Assessment This comprehensive and fully validated assessment tool helps a ministry leader gain perspective on their role, enhance their self-awareness and sharpen their sense of call. The PRO-D Assessment combines an extensive online assessment with a follow-up discussion with a certified consultant. Team Alignments are available for those church staffs or leadership teams that want a purposeful, strategic approach to cultivating, building, and renewing healthy and effective ministry teams.

• Our Pastoral Health Assessment can help a pastor or ministry leader identify key areas of growth or risk that may need attention. This can be taken anonymously or can be the jumping off point for a coaching or spiritual direction relationship.

Clergy Coaching

When a ministry leader needs a “thinking partner,” PIR offers coaching in a confidential and supportive environment – often serving as a catalyst for growth. Several options are available, including a series of sessions designed to “unpack” the implications of the PRO-D Assessment.

Workshops and Seminars

Bringing experience and practical insights to the issues of ministry health, staff members of PIR Ministries are prepared to speak to churches, ministry gatherings, retreats and conferences on a variety of topics – addressing the challenges of ministry life and health. In particular…

• Our Cultivating a Culture of Ministry Health workshop – a three-part presentation for both pastors and church leaders – has proven effective in encouraging the conversations necessary to move toward a healthy leadership environment.

• The Pathways to Peace seminar is designed to assist church leaders understand the nature of conflict, prepare in advance to address the challenges that conflict present in church settings and create a strategy for navigating current conflict situations. The seminar is led by Dr. Dan Borg, Regional Director with PIR Ministries and a trained conflict mediator.

Networking for Ministry Health

PIR Ministries is part of a nationwide network dedicated to the care of ministry leaders, offering a wide range of renewal opportunities for pastors and their families, including retreat locations, counseling resources and cohorts for the care of the leader’s soul.

Sabbatical Planning and Pastoral Renewal Plans

We have assisted a growing number of pastors and church leaders in crafting meaningful and restorative sabbatical strategies leading to greater ministry health. In addition, PIR Ministries can help develop a renewal plan for those pastors actively serving leadership roles who, in conjunction with their local church leadership, wish to address a significant issue in ministry life proactively – before an exit occurs.

PIR Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, serving evangelical pastors and churches for over 25 years.

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