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The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout

The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout takes Christian leaders on a journey from burnout through recovery and on to spiritual transformation. By understanding the causes and symptoms of their burnout these leaders will be ready to take practical, actionable steps toward recovery. Then, if they choose, they will be poised to do the inner work of spiritual transformation by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the end, these leaders will emerge from burnout more confident in Christ, more connected with others, and with greater purpose, courage, and grace in their leadership.

Based on Sean’s own experience of burnout, recovery, and transformation this book is filled with personal stories and illustrations. He integrates biblical interpretation, theology, psychology, and contemplative spirituality into a holistic approach to recovery. Originally written to aid in coaching pastors through burnout, The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout will help pastors and Christian leaders develop an integrated approach to life, work, and ministry through healing and spiritual transformation.

Dr. Chuck DeGroat

The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout is an exceptional book filled with helpful and thoughtful content. I’m so grateful for Sean Nemecek and the courage he shows in writing this book. I gladly commend it to folks.

Dr. Chuck DeGroat, author of When Narcissism Comes to Church

The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout is absolutely packed with great material. I found myself saying ‘yes’ so many times. This book will be a great help to pastors.

Dr. Charles Stone, author of People-Pleasing Pastors
Dr. Charles Stone Jr.
Karl Vaters

Pastors are facing an epidemic of burnout. If, like me, you’ve experienced it, you know how debilitating it can be. In The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout Sean Nemecek offers practical, clinical, and biblical solutions to what we’re facing. I highly recommend this book if you’re experiencing the symptoms of burnout—or, better yet, before you get there.

Karl Vaters, author of The Grasshopper Myth and Small Church Essentials

The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout is a hopeful and necessary gift to the legion of pastors who wonder how much longer they can continue. Author, pastor coach, and researcher Sean Nemecek guides us through his own journey while offering a path through the storm of burnout and ministry fatigue. The good news: burnout is not inevitable. The better news: there is great life after burnout.
Sean’s life is dedicated to serving pastors, and in this book you’ll find an empathic and skilled guide for your own pastoral journey.

Steve Cuss, author of Managing Leadership Anxiety
Steve Cuss

The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout workbook features assessments and practical exercises that will help you implement and expand on the principles of the book. It will become available for download March 28, 2023.

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