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Coaching for pastors

Clergy Coaching with PIR MInistries helps pastors find thier way forward in life and ministry.

Sean Nemecek, Ministry Coach
Sean Nemecek, Ministry Coach

I coach pastors and Christian leaders to help them find their own way to new health and hope for ministry.

— Sean Nemecek

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Do you need help finding clarity for your next season of ministry? I can coach you to discern and plan your next move. Whether you need to work on personal rhythms of soul care or plans for organizational leadership, I’ll help you discover your own way forward. My coaching is offered through PIR Ministries. Contact me or click below to learn more.


I specialize in coaching leaders through the wilderness of burnout to recovery. Whether you are in burnout now or want to build resilience for the future, I can help. I’ve coached dozens of leaders who went from “I don’t know how much longer I can do this,” to “I’m excited about the next season of ministry.” Contact me to set up a free 1-hour meeting to see how I can help.

Ministry Crisis

I work with pastors who are facing forced exit, moral failure, conflict, and other ministry crises. We can just talk or I can coach you through this season of painful transition. I’m here to help. Contact me for a free 1-hour consultation.


In my coaching I use several different assessments. I am a certified PRO-D assessment facilitator. The PRO-D is a powerful way to understand the unique shape of your leadership and the stresses and frustrations you have at work. I also have access to several free assessments that can help you.


Sean was not only a great ministry coach but a great friend at a time when I didn’t believe that anyone was for me. His ability to ask the right (and often hard) questions, listen, and discern the real issues helped me get more out of this experience than I anticipated. I am so thankful for Sean, PIR, and the opportunity to participate in this experience.

— Pastor B.

I had a lot of anxiety about even asking for help and signing up for coaching. But as a result of the interaction and skillful questions Sean asked, I have grown tremendously. I realize that asking for help was not a sign of weakness but one of strength. I have no regrets about this experience, and others around me have noticed a positive difference in me.

— Pastor A.

Sean is incredibly insightful and helpful! There were times when I had no clue what was going on with myself. My coach, Sean, was great at asking questions and drawing out things. After just a few sessions I finally felt like things were turning a corner and felt hopeful for the first time in many years.

— Pastor S.

If someone even has the slightest inkling of needing help then coaching could be incredibly helpful. I wish I would have done this a decade or more ago. I would have been in a much healthier place.

— Pastor J.

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