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Thank you for your interest in reaching out to me. I try to respond to your contact within 24 hours but sometimes ministry demands can delay my response by as much as a week. If you are interested in a list of the services I offer please refer to the home page, check out my coaching page, or visit the workshops & retreats page. If you would like to become a financial partner for my ministry visit the support page.

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A Note from Sean

Thank you for contacting me. I work to bring new hope to hurting pastors and their families. During my time as a pastor, I went through ministry burnout. To recover, I needed help but didnโ€™t have anywhere to turn. So, I built a team of people to help meโ€” a friend, a mentor, a coach, a spiritual director, and a counselor. This was very expensive and time-consuming, but it worked.

Now, I work to provide the support that wasnโ€™t readily available to me. Since January of 2020, Iโ€™ve helped many pastors and their spouses navigate burnout, forced exit, or other ministry stress. I provide friendship, coaching, assessments, and mentoring. When they contact me, Iโ€™m ready to serve because of the generous financial support of my ministry donors.

Pastor David (not his real name) contacted me for help with ministry burnout. He said, โ€œI donโ€™t know how much longer I can do this, but I donโ€™t feel the freedom to quit.โ€ We began to talk about his life with God, his rhythms of work and rest, his values, priorities, and boundaries. As David began to reinvest in his relationship with Jesus, he rediscovered his calling, and after a few months of coaching, he was excited about ministry again. David continues in coaching so that he does not become isolated again. Each month we meet, I am amazed at how much healthier he is becoming. Itโ€™s a joy to be used by the Holy Spirit to keep pastors in the harvest fields and to help them become better, healthier, more hope-filled leaders.

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