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How to support Sean Nemecek’s ministry to pastors through PIR Ministries:

Working with PIR Ministries has been a perfect fit for my gifts, passions, and experience, but I can’t do this work alone. I’m looking for ministry partners to pray, promote, and provide.

Prayer Support

The most important thing you can do to support this ministry is pray for me, the pastors, and their families. You can join my email list to receive my email updates.

Promote PIR

PIR is a small, grassroots ministry, but we work with pastors all over the nation. Please, help spread the word about PIR by sharing with pastors and church leaders– it takes a team to make this ministry possible.

Provide Financial Support

I am asking God to provide committed financial partners. People who will give generously each month or provide special donations as they are able. I can only do this work if have a solid financial base for ministry. Will you prayerfully consider becoming one of my monthly supporters?

If you are not able to give monthly, would you consider a yearly gift, a special gift, or hosting a fund-raising event? If you have questions or if you would like to know more about my ministry with PIR, you can contact me directly or visit the PIR Ministries website to learn more.

To Give Electronically:

Click on this hyperlink Donate to PIR Ministries or scan the QR Code with a smartphone or click on the image.

Be sure to select “Sean Nemecek” as the purpose for your donation.

To Give By check:

Mail your donations to PIR at the address below.
Be sure to note on the check that your donation is for SEAN NEMECEK SUPPORT.

PIR Ministries
27996 Halsted Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

Our Mission at PIR Ministries:

PIR exists to partner with God and the Church in the work of pastoral renewal and restoration, to cultivate new hope for healthy ministry lives.
To do this we:
— Build relationships with pastors and churches to promote a culture of ministry health.
— Offer a process of restoration when a pastoral family has experienced a forced termination of their ministry.
— Provide proven resources and tools that assist pastors in the challenges they face in ministry life.

Research shows that 2/3 of all pastors will experience burnout and over half will experience a forced termination during their ministry life.

PIR has a proven process and tools that give us a 25-year track record with amazing results. We are able to help pastors and their families heal and if possible return to ministry with greater health and success.

We don’t just help pastors. Our refuge church program trains a small group of people to walk alongside a hurting pastor and spouse for six to twelve months. That church might receive the greater blessing. They learn the realities of pastoral ministry and how to better support their own pastor. By walking with a pastor in the messiness of life, they find courage for entering into the messy lives of the people in their community. The churches that receive the renewed pastors are blessed too, because they have a pastor who has learned resilience and has the experience needed to stay for the long term.

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